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How to become a good demon-daddy

Step 1: Travel to another world!

Accompany Gareth on his journey to another world and experience his first steps in this unknown place. This is just the first step in becoming a real demon dad.


- Backgrounds: Minikle

-  Characters: Blue Forest

- Music: https://www.bensound.com

Thank you for testing!

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Special thanks to the following people /living beings:

- Mashiro Jin (here a little Shoutout für Twiiter) for his engine advice

- NuraRay for her testing and feedback (also for her help with the design of my website)

- Dezue (here his patreon) for his advice on short projects

- Mighty Mufflon for his dialogue help for the first scene (here a link to hise Homepage)


GameMakingDizzy (https://twitter.com/DizzyGameBlog)

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