Ahoy, landlubbers!

Welcome aboard the "Funny Sackeyes"! My name is Capt'n Sackeye and you are....well...let's call you Pete just for now.

You wanna be part of the best piratecrew ever and it is now your job to find a hidden treasure! AYE! It's one of those nice-to-have treasures, which is well hidden in our pirate hideout. So get the clues and solve the riddles.

If you do your job well, a life of adventure awaits you. Otherwise, death awaits you.

Enjoy this tiny shortgame with over 300 different variations! If you like, what you see, think about following and/or donating (ko-fi.com/gamemakingdizzy)

Website: https://gamemakingdizzy.wixsite.com/gamemakingdizzy
itch: https://dizzymakesgames.itch.io/
New Grounds: https://gamemakingdizzy.newgrounds.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GameMakingDizzy

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